Live Blog Watching the Cavs/Pistons Game

8:04 – Watching TNT’s pregame show.

8:04 – Why is Charles Barkley still employed? 

8:06 – Why does the commercial for Gatorade Tiger feature a brown bear as opposed to an actual tiger? I love tigers – sending Gatorade a complaint e-mail.

8:08 – Mike Brown gets Coach of the Year – he should immediately give the trophy to Lebron James, who is solely responsible for the award.

8:12 – Mo Williams is wet – you got to shift the defense if you’re gonna double Lebron.

8:12 – Williams just hit the deck getting an assist to Big Z. He is the Pippen to James’ Jordan.

8:13 – Richard Hamilton gets on the board. UConn stand up – wonder if he can put up a show like Ben Gordon and Ray Allen did last night.

8:15 – Big Z has range – wow.

8:17 – First commercial break – Cavs up 10-2. Someone from Detroit needs to step up or this game will be over much sooner than they might wish.

8:19 – “If I had Wolverine’s claws I would have gotten five more rebounds a game.” 

8:33 – Lebron now has eight points – from all over the floor.

8:34 – End of the first quarter. Detroit looks dazed and confused. The Cavs are sticking to their game plan and hitting their shots, except Daniel Gibson – he needs the axe.

8:39 – Nice ball movement on the fast break – and Lebron isn’t even on the floor.

8:42 – Mo Williams needs to be hosed down.

8:45 – The Heineken commercial with the beer closet is the best 20 seconds of my day. Bar none.

8:50 – I just love it when Rip hits a shot. One of my favorite basketball players of all time – I met him when I was like 11!

8:51 – Drama on the court! Amir Johnson pushes Lebron in the back of the head on a shot attempt then tries to slap fight Anderson Varejao. Take a seat, young man. 

9:06 – Debating ordering food. Wings over Storrs?

9:11 – You would think the Pistons would understand the concept by now. Lebron drives and then dishes to the corner for a wide open jumpshot. It’s happened maybe a dozen times already.

9:12 – Halftime. Cavs lead it 46-32. Lebron has 16 points, six rebounds, and three assists. I have him going for 36, nine, and 10. He needs to step it up. Williams and Big Z have contributed incredibly, combining for 17 points. Detroit is only two deep so far – Hamilton and Stuckey. If the Pistons want to get back into this game they need to start hitting the paint hard. 

9:18 – Barkley makes reference to making out with Dick Vitale. I may have just thrown up a little bit.

9:33 – Beginning of third quarter. Lebron stuffs McDyess but gets called for the foul. Looked like all ball to me, sir.

9:41 – Lebron has reached my predicted rebound total. Waiting to see if he can get a few more dimes.

9:48 – Flight 23 takes off – look out below!

9:49 – Decided against ordering food – don’t want to miss any of this game.

9:56 – “M-V-P” chants for LBJ. If I had a vote, it would be for him. Hands down.

9:58 – Lebron just barely misses a dime because Joe Smith was fouled on a dunk. Realizing I over-estimated his assist and point total, especially if he sits the fourth quarter.

10:05 – End of third quarter. Pistons down 27. Lebron took more free throws than the entire Detroit team. One sided, or what?

10:07 – Decided on ordering food anyway – waiting on my roast beef grinder.

10:11 – Stuckey is a tough kid. Still playing at full-speed. Acrobratic little and-1 play sends him to the line – completes the three point play.

10:12 – Amir Johnson gets back into the game and picks up his second hard foul in only a little over two minutes of action. 

10:17 – The Cavs play super-sloppy without James on the court. The Pistons are starting to show some life, some hustle, and some skill.

10:20 – James is back on the court but the Pistons are within 11. This could get interesting.

10:27 – Pistons within eight. After getting killed on the offensive class for the first 75 percent of the game Detroit is getting second and third opportunities to score. 

10:29 – Only up seven, the Cavs need to slow this game down and continue getting to the foul line to ice this thing. If Lebron get to the line he needs to actually hit them, though.

10:31 – James falls into the first row of fans. Hugs and kisses a woman. The NBA Cares.

10:37 – LBJ grabs a board and then throws a 3/4 court pass to Williams for the lay-up. He may fill my quota afterall!

10:39 – Detroit bench is out hustling the starters. Several offesive rebounds this quarter. Jason Maxiell in the building!

10:40 – It’s all over now. The Cavs will go up 2-0 on the Pistons and head to Detroit for a couple games. I think the Cavs will take it in 5.

10:42 – LBJ didn’t get 36, nine, and 10 like I thought, but still put on a show. It’s hard to complain about 29, 13, and six. Hamilton made me proud – former UConn player led his team with scoring with 17, also added 3 steals and a block.


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  1. April 22, 2009 at 10:39 am

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

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