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Tweet of the Week – Lance Armstrong

Twitter_256x256The second ever A.Martin Sports’ “Tweet of the Week” comes from Tour de France living legend and cancer-survivor Lance Armstrong. Much respect is due to him for those two facts alone. He is a man among boys, a true American hero, and an inspiration to millions. Aside from all that, a tweet of his this past week has showed me what being a man is all about; on the internet.

lancearmstrong – Dudes shouldn’t ever type “:-)” or any version of it. Fellas, can we make that deal right now ? 5:48 PM Sep 23rd from UberTwitter


Frank Spinelli

Wow! Way to make a stand on a very controversial topic in social media. Armstrong, infamous for technically only being “half” a man (no disrespect intended), has called out the rest of his gender for using the smiling emoticon when chatting on the internet.

What does this all mean? Well, to most guys, absolutely nothing. However, to some guys, like my friend Frank Spinelli,¬†this new “guy code” will shake up their internet world! Spinelli was trying to start a revolution of smiling emoticon use among men, but this blunt position by Armstrong has slammed the door shut on said revolution.

Posting something like “No but really tho. I apologize for the vulgar lingo on ur facebook page. I love u. ūüôā blood. I love u too. ūüôā the rest of the league. I love u too ūüôā :-)” (actual quote) to one’s fantasy football board is no longer acceptable for “dudes”.

Even subtle uses like “hehe :-)” (actual quote) are now frowned upon.


Let me be the first to applaud Armstrong on taking a stance. Let me also be the first to follow in his internet-foot steps. This blog’s official stance on male use of the smiling emoticon is to never use it.

Whether or not the use of the smiling emoticon was ever acceptable for guys to use on the internet is irrelevant at this point. Armstrong has made that abundantly clear; in 140 characters or less. That is why Lance Armstrong is the recipient of A.Martin Sports’ “Tweet of the Week.”



Mayweather v. Marquez (via athletes on Twitter)

I think we as students of UConn should get the option of ordering HBO in our dorms, suites, and/or apartments. You could even charge it to our fee bill. We want Entourage. We want Weeds. We want the big boxing matches. We want Mayweather v. Marquez.


Unfortunately, we do not get it. Any of it. I did find a couple websites that were streaming it online but neither had decent quality nor was in English. However, thanks to some of my friends on Twitter, I was able to follow the fight online through tweets.

rudygay22 At the fight yall! Who yall have winning? (Rudy Gay, Memphis Grizzlies)

shawnemerriman Yessssss i got the fight in my hotel room lets go Floyd!!he came out the aggressor i like it (Shawne Merriman, San Diego Chargers)Twitter_256x256

CV31 Watching the Mayweather-Marquez fight, I give it to Mayweather in the 6th Round. He’s still has the sharp quickness. Any takers? (Charlie Villanueva, Detroit Pistons)

mw1ll Yessir young floyd (Marcus Williams, Memphis Grizzlies)

THE_REAL_SHAQ Money mayweather is the greatest boxer ever, daaaaaaam (Shaquille O’Neal, Cleveland Cavs)

jalenrose Marquez…can’t jab…can’t win (Jalen Rose, former NBA all-star)

dwadeofficial You can’t touch what you can’t see. Money may is a badddd mannn (Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat)

KevinDurant35 Man I thought marquez would win…jus cuz he drink his own pee…bad decision on my part lol (Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder)

shawnemerriman At this point people are watching floyd to see him loose because he is the best

jalenrose Floyd wins by shutout…litterally!..

Best Tweet Award – Kevin Durant – for referencing Marquez’s television program that showed him drinking his own urine in order to not lose any vitamins or minerals when using the bathroom.



Immediate Impact Players of the 2009 NFL Draft


The 2009 NFL Draft is complete. Teams have made their selections of former college football standouts whom they hope will take their teams to the next level this season.


Some players that have been taken will need a couple years in order to become steady players, others will never pan out at all. However, there are some key players taken in this draft that will make an impact starting on Week 1.


Here are those players.

maybinAaron Maybin – DE – Buffalo Bills


Don’t look now, but there’s a decent football team in upstate New York this year.


Anchoring a stingy Penn St. defense in only his sophomore year, Maybin found the quarterback 12 times-then the quarterback found the ground. He brings speed, athleticism, and power to the front line of Buffalo.


My choice for Defensive Rookie of the Year.




Darius Butler – CB – New England Patriots8k70rwf8


New England is known for turning out elite cornerbacks: Ty Law, Asante Samuel, Ellis Hobbs, etc. Darius Butler will become the next one.


Bringing speed and versatility to both sides of the ball, Butler reminds me a little bit of Troy Brown who also tried to play on almost every down. Butler, however, is actually young enough and athletic enough to do it.


Oh yea, he’s one explosive return man, too. The Pats know how to pick ’em.

501443LeSean McCoy – HB – Philadelphia Eagles


McCoy has questionable speed and agility, mostly because he did not take part in the 40-yard dash at the combine. However, he is an explosive runner who can find a seam and turn a small gain into a big run.


What is going to help him make such an impact with the Eagles this year is his hands. Andy Reid loves backs that can run a flat and catch the ball. Look at Brian Westbrook and all the success he is having.


I am not saying McCoy is going to be the next Westbrook, but he has all the potential to get to that level in the Philadelphia system.

Aaron Curry – LB – Seattle Seahawksaaron_curry_300_250


Forget that he’s the best linebacker in his class. Forget that he has an uncanny nose for the ball leading to 200 total tackles in his junior and senior year seasons at Wake Forest.


Forget that he beat all other outside linebackers at the combine in the 40-yard dash, the vertical, and the broad jump.


No, what is going to make Curry a special NFL player from day one is his passion. Did you see this 6’3″, 250 pound young man break down to tears when he was drafted?


This has been his dream since he was a little boy. Football, above all else, is played from the heart. Curry’s got more of that than anyone.



Live Blog Watching the Cavs/Pistons Game

8:04 – Watching TNT’s pregame show.

8:04 РWhy is Charles Barkley still employed? 

8:06 – Why does the commercial for Gatorade Tiger feature a brown bear as opposed to an actual tiger? I love tigers – sending Gatorade a complaint e-mail.

8:08 – Mike Brown gets Coach of the Year – he should immediately give the trophy to Lebron James, who is solely responsible for the award.

8:12 – Mo Williams is wet – you got to shift the defense if you’re gonna double Lebron.

8:12 – Williams just hit the deck getting an assist to Big Z. He is the Pippen to James’ Jordan.

8:13 – Richard Hamilton gets on the board. UConn stand up – wonder if he can put up a show like Ben Gordon and Ray Allen did last night.

8:15 – Big Z has range – wow.

8:17 – First commercial break – Cavs up 10-2. Someone from Detroit needs to step up or this game will be over much sooner than they might wish.

8:19 – “If I had Wolverine’s claws I would have gotten five more rebounds a game.”¬†

8:33 – Lebron now has eight points – from all over the floor.

8:34 – End of the first quarter. Detroit looks dazed and confused. The Cavs are sticking to their game plan and hitting their shots, except Daniel Gibson – he needs the axe.

8:39 – Nice ball movement on the fast break – and Lebron isn’t even on the floor.

8:42 – Mo Williams needs to be hosed down.

8:45 – The Heineken commercial with the beer closet is the best 20 seconds of my day. Bar none.

8:50 – I just love it when Rip hits a shot. One of my favorite basketball players of all time – I met him when I was like 11!

8:51 РDrama on the court! Amir Johnson pushes Lebron in the back of the head on a shot attempt then tries to slap fight Anderson Varejao. Take a seat, young man. 

9:06 – Debating ordering food. Wings over Storrs?

9:11 – You would think the Pistons would understand the concept by now. Lebron drives and then dishes to the corner for a wide open jumpshot. It’s happened maybe a dozen times already.

9:12 РHalftime. Cavs lead it 46-32. Lebron has 16 points, six rebounds, and three assists. I have him going for 36, nine, and 10. He needs to step it up. Williams and Big Z have contributed incredibly, combining for 17 points. Detroit is only two deep so far РHamilton and Stuckey. If the Pistons want to get back into this game they need to start hitting the paint hard. 

9:18 – Barkley makes reference to making out with Dick Vitale. I may have just thrown up a little bit.

9:33 – Beginning of third quarter. Lebron stuffs McDyess but gets called for the foul. Looked like all ball to me, sir.

9:41 – Lebron has reached my predicted rebound total. Waiting to see if he can get a few more dimes.

9:48 – Flight 23 takes off – look out below!

9:49 – Decided against ordering food – don’t want to miss any of this game.

9:56 – “M-V-P” chants for LBJ. If I had a vote, it would be for him. Hands down.

9:58 – Lebron just barely misses a dime because Joe Smith was fouled on a dunk. Realizing I over-estimated his assist and point total, especially if he sits the fourth quarter.

10:05 – End of third quarter. Pistons down 27. Lebron took more free throws than the entire Detroit team. One sided, or what?

10:07 – Decided on ordering food anyway – waiting on my roast beef grinder.

10:11 – Stuckey is a tough kid. Still playing at full-speed. Acrobratic little and-1 play sends him to the line – completes the three point play.

10:12 РAmir Johnson gets back into the game and picks up his second hard foul in only a little over two minutes of action. 

10:17 – The Cavs play super-sloppy without James on the court. The Pistons are starting to show some life, some hustle, and some skill.

10:20 – James is back on the court but the Pistons are within 11. This could get interesting.

10:27 РPistons within eight. After getting killed on the offensive class for the first 75 percent of the game Detroit is getting second and third opportunities to score. 

10:29 – Only up seven, the Cavs need to slow this game down and continue getting to the foul line to ice this thing. If Lebron get to the line he needs to actually hit them, though.

10:31 – James falls into the first row of fans. Hugs and kisses a woman. The NBA Cares.

10:37 – LBJ grabs a board and then throws a 3/4 court pass to Williams for the lay-up. He may fill my quota afterall!

10:39 – Detroit bench is out hustling the starters. Several offesive rebounds this quarter. Jason Maxiell in the building!

10:40 – It’s all over now. The Cavs will go up 2-0 on the Pistons and head to Detroit for a couple games. I think the Cavs will take it in 5.

10:42 – LBJ didn’t get 36, nine, and 10 like I thought, but still put on a show. It’s hard to complain about 29, 13, and six. Hamilton made me proud – former UConn player led his team with scoring with 17, also added 3 steals and a block.


MLB Out of the Box – Biggest Performances of Week 1



The first week of the 2009 Major League Baseball season is in the books. The division races are close and all teams are trying to play their best baseball after Spring Training has come to an end.


Here is some much-deserved love for the top players in each division that are helping their teams off to a great start. If these players keep playing at such an esteemed level, their team will keep putting up numbers in the win column.



AL East – Evan Longoria – 3B – Tampa Bay Rays


Coming off his Rookie of the Year season, Longoria picked right back up where he started. In a tough AL East division, the Rays will be battling all year for a playoff spot. If Longoria keeps it up, they will see the post season.

Longoria is in the top five of all offensive categories in the American League so far (batting average, homeruns, RBI’s, slugging, OBP, and OBS) and he is first in homeruns (5) and slugging (1.185)

He is batting .481 and has even shown some speed when he stole a base against the Orioles on Sunday. Too early to make any MVP predictions, but I’m going to be watching Longoria all season.

AL Central – Miguel Cabrera – 1B – Detroit Tigers


At only 25 years old, Cabrera has already established himself as one of the most feared batters to face in the entire country.

So far this year, he is batting .520 and has had five games with at least two hits. He is in the top three in the American League in batting average, RBI’s (10), slugging (.960), homeruns (3), OPS (1.546), and leads the league in on-base percentage (.586).

The 2009 Tiger team is stacked with offensive power – Carlos Guillen, Curtis Granderson, Magglio Ordonez – but it is Cabrera that is leading the way this season.

AL West – Endy Chavez – OF – Seattle Mariners


The Mariners are off to a hot start, 5-2, and the credit is mostly due to the little-known outfielder by the name of Endy Chavez. 

Though only average career numbers, Chavez is off to his best start in 2009. He has gotten a hit in all seven of the Mariners games including two games with three hits apiece. Because he bats from the lead-off spot, his RBI’s are way down, but he is doing his part. It is up to his supporting cast to bring him around to score. He has been on-base 13 times so far but has only scored 4 runs.

Chavez has also stolen three bases so far this year, good enough for 2nd in the American League.

It is also worth noting that none other than Ken Griffey Jr. is back in Seattle. Though his batting average is miserable, .133, it almost brought tears to my eyes to see him smack one out of the park in his first game back in a Mariners uniform.


NL East – Emilio Bonifacio – 2B – Florida Marlins


What an opening day it was for this Dominican-born middle in-fielder! Batting lead-off against the Washington Nationals, he went 4-5 while knocking in two runs and scoring four of his own. He also recorded his first career homerun off of Tavarez in the fourth inning. Oh yea, he also stole three bases in the game. 

After six games of play, the Marlins are 5-1 and Bonifacio is the key to their fast start. He is batting .500 in the lead-off spot and leads the National League with nine runs and four stolen bases.

NL Central – Ryan Theriot – SS – Chicago Cubs

Reds Cubs Baseball

Will this be the year the Cubbies finally break the curse? Probably not, but their playing well to start the season off and much of it has to do with Theriot.

This Baton Rouge native is riding a six game hit streak to start the season off ( his last five games he’s recorded two hits apiece). The Cubs are 4-2 so far and Theriot is playing the best baseball of his career.

He is first in the National League in batting average (.550), on-base percentage (.615), and OPS (1.315). He has also stolen a pair of bases and has shown great plate discipline on his way to five walks so far this year.

If the Cubs want to break the curse, Theriot must continue to get on base and the rest of the Cubbies must bring him in. He has been on base 16 times but has only scored four runs. Where you are you, Derek Lee and Aramis Ramirez? Alfonso Soriano, keep up the good work (four homeruns and seven RBI’s).

NL West – Troy Tulowitzki – SS – Colorado Rockies


Tulowitzki is playing exceptionally well in a weak NL West division. His Rockies are off to a slow start however, 3-3, but that average record has little to do with his performance so far.

He is leading the NL in homeruns (3) and is second in slugging percentage (.842). He has been on-base in each of the Rockies six games and has scored five runs, good enough for nineth in the National League.

If other players on his team step up, the rockies will explode for more runs than Coors Field has ever seen. I’m talking to you, Garrett Atkins and Todd Helton.


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Horrid Free Throw Shooting Ends Huskies’ Title Run

The UConn Huskies have let me down.¬†It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how it happened. It would be too easy to blame homefield advantage for our loss; we did this to ourselves.

NCAA Final Four Michigan St Connecticut Basketball

Maybe it was A.J. Price’s lack of finding the open man. For a guy who averaged nearly five assists a game this seasonand over five during the tournament, Price only dished out one against Michigan State – on the Huskies first possession of the game.

Maybe it was the Huskies all around dismal perimeter offense. Craig Austrie and Price, both seniors, combined for over 100 three-balls during the season. Against the Spartans, they were a combined 1-5. The lone three-pointer was hit less than three minutes into the first half by Mr. Price. The Huskies were 2-6 on the night from behind the arc; athletic freak Stanley Robinson made his only attempt less than five minutes into the first half.

No. It wasn’t Price’s lack of assists. It wasn’t the Huskies’ not hitting three pointers that ended their title run. What was the cause of this most epic meltdown: missing 12 free throws.

There’s a reason it’s called a “free” throw. It’s supposed to be a guaranteed point. It’s supposed to be the easiest shot in the game. It’s supposed to be the most fundamental and one of the first things a young basketball player learns from his first basketball coach.

For whatever reason, the Huskies could not hit from the line against the Spartans.

NCAA Final Four Michigan St Connecticut BasketballFree throw shooting was the achilles’ heel for Jim Calhoun’s squad this year. The Huskies made 552 free throws this year, third in the Big East and 23rd in the nation. But they were also 14th in the country in getting to the line, and when they did, they only hit the shot 67.7% of the time, which made them worse than over 150 other Division 1 schools.

Out of the five starters against the Spartans, only Price and Austrie average better than 70% from the line, and that’s not even that good. The seniors were 6-6 from the line that night, and Robinson, who averaged just 63% from the line, hit all four of his attempts. The rest of the team did not follow suit. The rest of the team shot 11-23, a mere 48%.

Calhoun’s gameplan all season has been driven by getting the other team into foul trouble early. It worked against the Spartans. The Huskies got into the bonus with nearly nine minutes left in the first half. They were in the double bonus with over two minutes left. In the second half, the same thing happened. They got into the bonus at around the same time-mark as the first half, but they were in the double bonus for over four minutes left when they were trailing 66-58.

The Spartans were in foul trouble the entire game it seemed. Five players had at least three fouls, three of which were starters, one of which was their best player, Goran Suton, one of which was their second leading scorer of the night, Raymar Morgan, one of which fouled out with less than two minutes left in the game, Draymond Green. Despite all of that, the Huskies could not capitalize.

At the end of the night, the Spartans had seven more team fouls than the Huskies, and 13 less attempts from the charityNCAA Final Four Michigan St Connecticut Basketball stripe. However, getting 13 less attempts is usually neutralized when the other team misses 12 of their attempts. 

It’s hard to swallow a loss of this magnitude knowing that you simply gave it away. This game was for the Huskies’ taking. It was right there – all night. Sorry for being so very blunt about this, but key players just did not step up.

Jeff Adrien, a man who is the most intense player alive who always plays as hard as possible, missed four of seven attempts from the line. Sure, he only averages about 60% anyway, but in your last game of your college career, how can you not put the ball in the net?

Kemba Walker, coming off of a career break-out game against Missouri, was 1-6 from the line at one point and finished 3-9. He averages over 70% and hit 9-10 against the Tigers to send the Huskies to the Final Four. I don’t know what to say about him. Maybe he got cold feet. Maybe he remembered he was a freshman and the entire college basketball world was looking at him. Maybe he glanced at the baseline while shooting his foul shots and notice “Final Four” painted in enormous letters and that made him kinda nervous. Whatever the case may be, Walker could not find his rhythm at the line.

Now, I know that I’ve bashed the hell out of the team I love, the team I adore, the team I will defend at great lengths against whomever so chooses to disrespect them. But here’s the thing; they bailed on their season. They shot 22-33 from the line that night – and I can’t even tell you how many of those misses were front-ends of 1 and 1’s that could have turned into more attempts.¬†

Had the Huskies made more foul shots early on, it would have been a different game completely. The Spartans could NCAA Final Four Michigan St Connecticut Basketballhave been chasing  us in the closing minutes. The Huskies could have had the momentum. The Huskies could have attained an 11 point lead with less than three minutes to go. The Huskies could have been playing the Tar Heels Monday night for the National Championship.

I’m sure Calhoun is more upset than I am. I’m sure the team itself is more upset than I am. I’m sure many UConn fans are more upset than I am, although when the game was over I tore every UConn¬†poster off my wall and ripped them into a million tiny piece in a fit of rage. (I actually jumped against my life-size Thabeet/Price poster and ripped it down with my hands and teeth. I landed on the floor on my back and proceeded to rip apart the two men’s picture with every ounce of energy I had left. I then threw the pieces in to the hallway, just to give you a mental picture of my anger.)


My hallway moments after the buzzer sounded

My hallway moments after the buzzer sounded



I’m sure there are experts out there that saw this coming. I’m sure they knew that horrid free-throw shooting would ultimately hault my beloved Huskies in their tracks. I’m sure they predicted that Walker would go cold from the line and from the field in the biggest game of his career.

I’m sure of a lot of things. But I’m not sure if I even want to wear my Jeff Adrien jersey around campus anymore. I’m not sure if I should return my UConn Final Four t-shirt. I’m not sure if UConn will be in title contention again while I am a student here. I’m not sure if Thabeet will stay, if Robinson will stay, or how our team will look next year with the players that do stay.¬†

I’m not sure if I will EVER talk to a Michigan State fan the rest of my life. I can add them to a list of fans from Duke, Syracuse, and, sunofabitch, George Mason.

NCAA Final Four Michigan St Connecticut Basketball


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How They Got Here: Breaking Down The Final Four Teams

The 2009 NCAA tournament has seen its share of great match-ups. The upsets and the blowouts, the last minute heroics and the last minute melt downs, the unbelievable shots and the rim-rattling dunks, the battles in the trenches and the perimeter dominance, the veteran players and the young guns, the joy and the pain, the winner moves on and the loser goes home.

After four rounds of play, only four teams remain.  This is how they got here.


Villanova Wildcats – Free Throw Shooting

Aside from a mediocre showing against UCLA (19-27), the Wildcats put teams away late in the game by hitting from the charity stripe.

APTOPIX NCAA Villanova Pittsburgh Basketball

In their first round game against American, a game that they were trailing by 14 in the second half, they hit 26-29 fromthe line versus American’s lousy 3-5. A late 19-2 run by Villanova sealed the game, but what kept the streak alive was the free throw excellence of the Wildcats.

Their last two games, against Duke and against Pitt, the Wildcats shot an incredible 89% from the line (41-46). In a very close game against the Panthers, Villanova did not miss a free throw until the last minute of the game (22-23). The miss did not prove to be detremental, however, as the Wildcats moved on after an amazing baseline-to-baseline play by Scottie Reynolds in the closing seconds. 

If Villanova can keep the hot hand at the line, they will be tough to beat in Detroit.


North Carolina Tar Heels – Experience

This Tar Heel team, starting all upperclassmen, has advanced to the Regional Finals of their bracket each of the last 3 years. After a tough loss to eventual champion Kansas last year, UNC has gotten over the hump and is looking like a very well oiled machine going into their game against Villanova.610x1

Ty Lawson is the most efficient point guard in the NCAA and is only a junior. In the three games he’s played this¬†tournament – he sat out the first round with a toe injury – he has scored 61 points and has dished out 20 assists with only two turnovers. Two. Leading by example is an understatement.

Tyler Hansbrough picked up two fouls within the first eight minutes of the first half against the Oklahoma Sooners which gave UNC an immediate disadvantage. However, Hansbrough, 2008 Player of the Year, knows how to play with fouls because he’s been playing major minutes since he was a freshmen. He finished the game against the Sooners with eight points, six rebounds, three assists, two steals, and just the two fouls.¬†

Led by those two experienced basketball players, the Tar Heels are looking like a lock for the championship game.

Michigan State Spartans – Goran Suton

The Spartans may be the most underrated team left in the tournament and Goran Suton may be the most underrated 73464164CC115_Big_Ten_Tournplayer that was in the tournament this year at all.¬†Averaging just 9.5 points and 7.6 rebounds all season, Suton stepped his game up exponentially during MSU’s run to the Final Four.

Against Rob Morris in the first round, Suton had 11 points and 17 rebounds while hitting all five of his free throws to help the Spartans advance.

In a Sweet 16 match up with Kansas, he logged the most minutes he’s played all year – 33 – and made each one count. he finished the nail-biter with 20 points, nine rebounds and five steals while hitting 50% of his field goals and all three of his free throws.

Against the Louisville Cardinals, Suton put on a show. He scored 19 points and added 10 rebounds. Just for good measure, he decided to hit three shots from beyond the arc – equalling the most three-pointers he’s even attempted this year.

If Suton can keep playing at such a high level, the Spartans will be tough to knock off.

UConn Huskies – Depth

Is there ever been a team in the NCAA as deep as this Huskies team? Even with Jerome Dyson out for the season the Huskies managed to get eight different players on the board against Chattanooga with three eclipsing the 20 point mark and five in double figures.

One key about the Huskies depth is that a new player steps up each night to push them to victory. NCAA Missouri Connecticut Basketball

Against Texas A&M, A.J. Price was on fire. He hit 4-7 from behind the arc on his way to 27 points, eight assists, and five rebounds. Adding insult to injury, nine different players scored for the huskies that night including walk-on senior Jim Veronick. That must have been the great one minute of playing time in his entire life.

Against Purdue it was Hasheem Thabeet who took the spot light. Thabeet shot 6-7 from the field on the way to 15 points, 15 rebounds, and four blocks in 36 minutes of action. The Defensive Player of the Year was out for blood that night. The Boilmakers allowed four Huskies to reach double-figures in scoring with seven Huskies total getting a basket.

It was freshman Kemba Walker that stole the show against the Missouri Tigers. Coming off the bench for senior Craig Austrie, Walker showed why he will be among the elite point guards in college basketball next year. As the clock hit triple zero, Walker had tied a career high for points with 23 while adding five rebounds and five assists. He shot 7-9 from the field and 9-10 from the free throw line. Every Husky that got into this game scored a basket, even Donnell Beverly who got only two minutes of action.

How could we forget Stanley Robinson and Jeff Adrien, two players who are equally as pivotal in UConn’s run to the Final Four? Though neither had a break-out game in the tournament that wasn’t over shadowed by another player’s heroics, both forwards are putting up incredible numbers.¬†

Robinson is averaging nearly 15 points and seven rebounds a game in the tournament while shooting over 50% from the field. His 24 points against Chattanooga led the team and his 11 rebounds against Purdue was second only to Thabeet.

Adrien, the most consistent player on the UConn roster, is averaging 14 points and 10 rebounds in the tournament. He put up 23 points on 11-16 shooting against A&M and looked very comfortable putting up the 15-18 foot jumpshot – NBA scouts take note.

When playing the Huskies, you must pick your poison. You might be able to stop one or two of their guys, but just know there’s another three or four waiting to make you pay for it.

NCAA Missouri Connecticut Basketball



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