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Fantasy Football Mid-season Awards Part 1 of 3

We find ourselves here again; 8 weeks into the fantasy football season. You are either ecstatic about your squad or wishing you hadn’t taken Derek Ward in the 4th round and Lendale White in the 5th. You are either in playoff contention or you’re getting blown-out on a regular basis and researching prospects for next season.

I find myself in playoff contention mostly because of week-by-week pick ups from the waiver wire and sheer luck (what’s up Miles Austin in week 5 and the 49ers Defense/ST in week 4!).

But I digress. Here are the top performers for each fantasy position thus far in the season. Pay attention, you may learn a thing or two.

Best Fantasy Quarterback – Aaron RodgersPackers Cowboys Football

Suck it, Brett Favre. You may have more wins, but Rodgers has more yards and less interceptions. Oh yea, and he doesn’t get to hand the ball to Adrien Peterson. You disgust me, Wrangler Jeans-boy.

Personal nonsense aside, Rodgers has cemented himself  in the top tier of fantasy quarterbacks this season. If he had the kind of weapons that Brady, Manning, or Brees have (or even a decent offensive line), he’d be crazy dangerous.

Season stats – 1989 passing yards, 14 touchdowns, 2 interceptions, 1 rushing touchdown

runners-up: Matt Schaub, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees

Best Fantasy Running Back – Maurice Jones-Drew

Maurice_Jones-DrewI miss you MoJo! I had to part ways with this fantasy stud in order to secure depth at wide receiver and I just hated watching him break off two 79+ yard touchdown runs in the same game. He can do it all; run between the tackles, sweeps, draws, counters, catch a pass on the flat and even block.

In his first year as the feature back on the Jaguars Jones-Drew has earned his stellar pre-season ranking. It definitely helps to play in a division with some of the poorest run defenses in the league, too.

Season stats – 640 rushing yards, 10 rushing touchdowns, 27 receptions, 161 receiving yards

runners up – Adrian Peterson, Cedric Benson, Ray Rice, Chris Johnson

Best Fantasy Wide Receiver – Reggie WayneCowboys1

There is no one happier that Peyton is healthy this season than Reggie Wayne.  Wayne is second in receptions, second in receiving yards, and tied for first in receiving touchdowns. Every week he pulls in another catch that makes you say “holy shit, did you see that?”

When Anthony Gonzalez went down, I figured Wayne would not be able to get enough room to roam in the secondary with no other deep threats. Enter Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie. With Dallas Clark making moves in the middle of the field and these two rising stars pulling coverage away, Wayne has been given more room than he should to do major damage.

Season stats – 51 receptions, 689 receiving yards, 6 receiving touchdowns

runners up – Andre Johnson, Steve Smith (NYG), Vincent Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald

Best Fantasy Tight End – Dallas Clark72907596CC008_AFC_Wild_Card

What’s that? Two Colts? That’s what a healthy Peyton Manning can do for his team. No need to get into details about how the Colts offense has been able to get these guys open, although I could talk all day about my boy Donnie Brown, but Clark is an integral part of this offense. Without him moving the chains, the Colts would probably just be average.

Season stats – 46 receptions, 584 receiving yards, 3 touchdowns

runners up – Owen Daniels, Antonio Gates, Brent Celek, Heath Miller

Best Fantasy Defense/Special  Teams – The Eaglesphiladelphia_eagles

The Phillies are going to lose the World Series, but this Philly team can play defense. They are the only squad with more than 20 sacks and more than 10 interceptions. They may not get into the endzone as much as the Saints do, but they give up less points and pressure the ball more. The Eagles are second in the league in sacks, third in interceptions, and tied for seventh in fumble recoveries.

Season stats – 23 sacks, 14 interceptions, 7 fumble recoveries, 3 defensive touchdowns, 1 return touchdown

runners up – Saints, Vikings, Bills


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